(we are the official camera crew of the F1 & F2, National Saloons, Ministox, and Rebels World Finals for 2009)


Completing our 2009 Stock Car World Final productions is the big leage BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Championship, promoted by Buxton Raceway but taking place at Kings Lynn Norfolk Arena for the second time. 391 Andy Smith successfully defended his title with a faultless drive in the main race. Not to be out done, the Ministox put on a great show, with another faultless drive from new National Champion, 66 Bob Griffin.



Impact Videos were also filming the night before and have made a triple DVD set that features the complete Friday meeting, inlcuding some awesome Saloon Stock Car racing and some top class entertainment from the F1's. All of the nights rollovers

are featured, including a close up shot of 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr's from the infield. Also featuring highlights at the end, including shots from an ultra-close up Fence Cam!


Because the World Final is such a long day, we wanted to bring you as much of the day as possible, and have made the Saturday on 2 discs to make over 3 hours of footage from the 2009 World Final Day.


Disc 1 of the Saturday features specially edited intro sequence, all the pre-meeting entertainment, and the first 3 races (F1 Consolation Semi, Heat 2 & Mini National Champ)


Disc 2 of the Saturday begins with driver interviews, before the big race of the night, the F1 World Final. Then all the rest of the races, plus a long action replay at the end.






Most races from the Saturday are a a 3-camera edit, plus the added event commentary and race results. Also includes infield camera for close ups and on track shots of the presentations, plus the fence cam on the exit of turn 4.

2-disc standard DVD set of the World Final day ONLY (saturday 19th Sept) - £15 delivered

3-disc standard DVD of the COMPLETE WEEKEND (the complete Friday night event on the 18th AND  the complete world final day) - £20 delivered


High Definition Blu-ray version: for the first time ever, the F1 World Final is available in high definition on Blu-ray Discs to give the best posible quality. All of the main camera angles will be filmed in HD, including the infield shots (the only standard def angle is the fence cam). There are 2 Blu-ray options for the 2009 F1 World Final:

Option 1: The World Final day only - this will be all the races from the F1's and Ministox National Championship race, plus the intro & replay sequences, driver interviews plus a special blu-ray only feature...the World Final replayed again at the end without the added commentary so you can 'crank it up' and get the full noise of the V8's! All for £20 delivered.

(please note this option is just the single blu-ray of the World Final day ONLY - but will be over 2 hrs in HD)

Option 2: The World Final WEEKEND - Double Blu-ray discs with the same as option 1 for the Saturday but adds the complete blu-ray of the Friday night (including the Saloon Stox, and highlights of the pre meeting world final entertainment) for £26 delivered



This is the second of our 2009 Stock Car World Final productions, this time for BriSCA F2 Stock Cars at Buxton Raceway on 12th & 13th September. Once again we bring you complete coverage of the weekend, all the action and drama and all filmed in HD for the best possible quality. All the BriSCA F2 races are grouped together with on-screen graphics, and each race is chaptered so its easy to select the race you want to watch. The races from the other formulas are also grouped together.


We have a a double standard DVD set of the complete weekend, with both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon events in full for £18, the single World Final Sunday on its own for £12 or a high definition Blu-ray disc with the complete Sunday and 10mins of highlights from the saturday night, including the Consolation Semi Final race for £20.

The world final day is another massive product from us, with specially edited introduction and action replay sequences, pre-meeting driver interviews, all the races, most with a 2-camera edit, the added race commentary, results, and infield presentations after the main race.


Also featuring the Rebel Racers 2009 World Wide Rebellion Race, plus a full program of other races, and BriSCA Herritage Cars to add some cool retro Stock Car racing to the day. All the action (including the rollovers) from these formulas is also captured on the DVD and Blu-ray.

Double standard DVD set of the complete weekend in full - £18 delivered

(each day is available seperately priced £12 each - please click here for paypal links) 



This is the full HD Blu-ray version featuring over 2 hours of HD footage, with the complete World Final day (including all the Rebels & Heritage Stox) plus 10minutes of highlights from the night before including the Consolation Semi in full.


filmed and edited in full HD 1080i - all the action - all the rollovers - interviews - action replay - incar footage - its all here!



This is the first of the 2009 Stock Car world finals, for 2 Litre National Saloon Stock Cars, held at the Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn on 15th August. Impact Videos were there filming the action, and what a brutal and spectacular weekend of stock car racing it was. All captured in HD, this starts our world final collections off to a great start.

The Saturday night DVD features specially edited introduction sequence, pit shots and interviews with the top 8 saloon drivers on the grid. All the Saloon Stock Car races are a 2-camera edit and all grouped together at the start of the disc. Also featuring the added race commentary, on-track presentations and interviews with the top 3 after the world final race and an action replay at the end of the disc with shots from many camera angles. You can also get a drivers eye view of the world final with our in-car footage from 219 Luke Grief, including his rollover that ended his world final for another year! All the BriSCA F1 Stock Car action is caught too, and all their races races are grouped together too. Re-live all the excitement, drama, rollovers and fast racing, its all here!


The Sunday afternoon DVD carries on from the night before with plenty of hard and fast saloon stock car action and massive rollovers. Again all the saloon races are grouped together, and also featuring racing from the Trackstar 1300 Saloon Stox and 2 Litre Rear Wheel Drive Bangers. Also with action replay from many camera angles.


The double DVD set of complete coverage from the weekend with both events in full on standard DVD is £18 delivered.

(each day is available seperately priced £12 each - please click here for paypal links) 




We have also produced a special edition blu-ray version to bring you all the action in the best possible high definition quality. The blu-ray of the Saloon Stock Car World Final will be the complete Saturday Night event (all the introduction, pit shots, interviews, replays and every Saloon and F1 race in full), plus selected highlights from the Sunday. These will be mainly Saloon Stock Car highlights including the massive rollover, plus the crashes and best wrecks from the Bangers.

This full length blu-ray is 2 and a quater hours long in full HD 1080i resolution priced at £20 delivered.


*please note that some infield shots are filmed on SD cameras, but all the races are edited in HD*




double standard DVD of both events in full £18 - HD Blu-ray of complete Saturday event and highlights from Sunday £20





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